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Understanding Investment Options Between Apartment, House and Townhouse

When it comes to living in a property nowadays, a lot has changed and there are several choices that give us a better convenience. Whether it’s your first time investing in such a property, it’s important to know the details of which will be the better choice for you so that you benefit from making such a decision. Here is what you should understand when you plan on investing in an apartment, house or townhouse.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Comfort – are your family needs satisfied and does the property will match the size of family?
  • Duration – do you plan to stay there possibly for long time or just temporarily?
  • Location – is the area good for you and your family and if the neighbourhood and neighbours provide a good environment?
  • Renovation – will you be able to renovate the property when the need or want arises?
  • Fees – are you okay with all the fees you will pay which may include corporate fees or understanding the strata scheme?
  • Garage – is there a garage for you to use at your own convenience?
  • Pets – is the property suitable for your pets in terms of being permitted or being a place where they can they?
  • Ownership – do you want to own the property or land itself or are you just planning on renting?
  • Business Opportunities – if you were to put the building up for rent, would it be a good investment in terms of being appealing to those who wish to rent?


An apartment is a unit which is part of a larger group of properties in a building or complex. These are subject to follow rules that come along with a strata title. Although the property may belong to you, the more common property or building belongs to a shared group of different owners.

Staying in an apartment will require you to follow certain bylaws since you will be part of a body corporate and such bylaws will require you to follow either strict or accommodating rules. Apartments will also require you to pay corporate fees which covers repair, maintenance and other related aspects regarding the building you are staying in.


Apartments are easy to maintain and very affordable as well as easier to maintain since you mostly need to take care of your own unit while the body corporate will handle the more common areas such as the building and its facilities. The cost for living in an apartment does not go very high when it comes to bills as mainly you only pay for what you use and most of the time the consumption is very low and based on your lifestyle. Most apartments have different security and safety measures such as compound guards, swipe card locks and more for security and fire exits and sprinklers for safety. While staying at an apartment you gain rights to use their facilities and some buildings come with perks such as the provision of a gym, pool and other facilities for leisure, exercise or comfort.



While some apartments may be good for a person on their own or a couple, some flats will not always work out for larger families and finding the right apartment could be take tame. Some bylaws are strict and may limit the things you do such as noise levels, no pets policies and time when it comes to facilities. As you will not be the only occupier, it may prove difficult at times when it comes to getting a parking space or using certain facilities as these are either shared or reserved.

Some lenders will restrict your ability to borrow for an apartment, notes Perth based mortgage broker Jess Peletier.some lenders are being more careful about how many apartments they finance in any one postcode or building, so be sure to check with your broker before signing any contract to buy an apartment“.



While a house is the more traditional property that most of us go for this can prove quite hard to find the right one and prices may be higher than usual as time goes by. Privacy is guaranteed greatly but this also gives us more to maintain on our own such as the lot itself and the bills you will need to pay such as utility bills and cost for repairing or renovating for certain purposes.


Houses offer more space which allow you to either renovate or customize the lot in the way you see fit as long as it occupies the land you own. Since you will own a certain size of land you will have outdoor space as well for when wish to set up a garden or even a swimming pool and more. Privacy is a great benefit as you and your family alone will be in the home and will not be sharing your space with other people. When it comes to purchasing a home, lenders tend to be more generous granting a loan for the purchase as a home and if the time comes you decide to move out, you face a good resale value for the property.


Although homes may be very convenient it does come with a higher price when being purchased as these include the building and land they are on. Houses tend to have higher utility bills as there is a greater need of such services when you alone maintain the condition of the house as well as use up what you need. When it comes to maintenance you will be facing a lot of things on your own and will need to do your gardening, plumbing and renovating on your own or hire someone to do these for you. Depending where the property is located, prices may vary as well as the locations will have their own issues which may be distance to certain places you need to.



A townhouse is made up in a way such as to accommodate the needs of a house but with the property being part of a strata title. You own a building but still reside within land shared by other occupiers. You get the privacy of your own indoor property but still remain part of a body corporate and will need to follow certain regulations which are required and enforced for the comfort of all other townhouse occupiers.


Townhouses usually have a good amount of indoor space and can reach two or three storeys giving convenient room for living. You get the privacy of your own home as there are no shared areas and certain bylaws will make sure that things are kept in order when it comes to neighbours. Townhouses are mostly cheaper than apartments and easier to find due to their high demand and most of these are located near places you need to go such as schools, work, malls and even leisure or fitness places.


Most townhouses will be the same and have no uniqueness when it comes to the other properties next to them and will have less space than you would have in a home. Townhouses are usually connected and walls will be shared and neighbours sometimes tend to get out of hand which needs bylaws to be reminded. You do not get a big amount of land and usually stairs will be a bit tedious every now and then when used. Not all townhouses will be easy to move out of since finding someone can prove difficult due to the lower resale value.

Although each have their own benefits they also come with their issues but this won’t be an issue if you know what you will be facing when you choose which kind of property you will be investing in. Making sure that you and your family will be comfortable and that nothing will restrict your way of living. Checking the location and conditions of living in a property before deciding on it will be important as you need to make sure that you won’t have any issues once you move in.

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