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There are hundreds of choices for property buying advocates and agents in Sydney. When searching we looked at size, experience and X-factor to determine the best buyers agent in Sydney.

We found that Dash Dot were experts located in Sydney with a wealth of knowledge in the property buying process.

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There is no set industry standard in Australia for buyers agent fees. In general buyers agent will either charge a percentage fee based on the purchase price, or a fixed fee. These fees can be tiered where percentage fees may go down in percentage rates as property values increase, or fixed fees which increase with the value of properties. Some may charge a hybrid fee structure with a fixed fee and a percentage above certain values, and some may charge separate fees for different services – ie attending auctions, price negotiations etc.

With any buyers agent, you will want to understand how they will be delivering you value with their service. The most important measure for this is through leveraging their experience in property transactions and negotiating. Ideally you will also want the buyers agent to have experience in the specific area you’re looking at buying in and the type of property. This will ensure they have the knowledge on how to find the right property based on your scope and negotiate the appropriate price.

The average Australian may only purchase one or two houses in their life, leaving them with very limited experience in what can be very high stress negotiations. A buyers agent on the other hand will have likely over years participated in hundreds of negotiations across a wide range of scenarios, giving them the skills to better understand how to achieve better prices, terms and a better overall deal. Do remember though that price negotiation is only part of the buyers agents value – a buyers agent most powerful skill is to help you minimise making costly mistakes which could potentially cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars in a single transaction.

Being a third party to your transaction, a buyers agent gives you an impartial advocate who can research, negotiate and secure the right property for you. Whether its an investment or for you to live in, a buyers agent can act as a circuit breaker in negotiating techniques that real estate agents might use to try make you pay more for a property. Likewise when a good deal presents itself, a good buyers agent will be able to help you move fast to secure it without distraction or hesitation.